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Some of our work around the world.
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Ocean Summer have designed and painted many business, hotels, restaurants, bakeries, café and stores around the world. This is some of his beautiful work. A perfect story of Active Resonance.
" A young french baker asked me to create his first retail bakery in 1996. I took the challenge and created a landmark in San Francisco. It was his first bakery and wanted a true authentic French bakery. I customized a french “Blue” with four layers of different colors for aging perfectly to create the most beautiful bakery in San Francisco. 20 years later, La Boulangerie (the original one on Pine Street) was bought by STARBUCKS and became the most successful bakery in the U.S., LA BOULANGE. I can I know my masterpiece will be part of a 100 millions buy out by Starbucks…I should raise my pricing…
I felt so proud to have created a beautiful original bakery that now Starbucks bought and used to launch their brand, LA BOULANGE. The iconic blue building facade I painted is used for their marketing, on every bag where they put the warm delicious croissant, App on iTunes etc. I remember when I was painting the building in San Francisco putting all my heart and soul into really creating an impact in this town through art and beauty. How would I know I was painting a future icon and would be part of a multi-billion dollar industry and see my work everyday at Starbucks? I am proud of what I've done in San Francisco.

Our customized branding with our unique signage in gold letters and European style. Inside the walls are colored and textured with warm tones where you feel you could be in the South of France. We used natural eco-friendly products on this project. I imported special French pigment to create this large 3d Canvas…Authenticity is on key of Active Resonance.

Ocean. Artist Designer. Founder of Active Resonance
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Starbucks for 100 millions dollars.
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This painting and installation was commission by the famous Restaurateur Paragary. have done many designs for retail stores and restaurants around the world. Here is an example of our work we did for Paragary Restaurant in Sacramento. To create the most attractive bar in the Capital of California. I created a massive painting with fiber optics that move beyond this painting. It was name The lava lamp…What I like about creating true and beautiful work is that after 20 years my work is appreciated by so many customers.
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El Pez, was a fun project. Watch the video The owner flew me from Colorado to develop a new hotel in Tulum. I spent 3 months in Tulum doing Resonance Designs, Feng Shui the area. A lot of clearance had to be done. I assessed and did many creative solutions to bring this beautiful piece of land on the Caribbean Sea to her maximum potential. I also designed an area for the turtles that come every year to have their babies…

The Active Resonance Design is a new organic approach to understand and feel the place, understand the neighborhood, the locals asking questions, “What are you going to do here?” etc. Planting seeds of peace with all parties involved, in this case The Mayan, fisherman, etc. I Designed a Concept Spa with programs of custom body work, unique private massage room attached to the bedroom so you can continue to relax. I assessed the environment and other businesses to report to the owner ideas and suggestions that were crucial for the development of a project. My experience to work and honored the land especially with native land, like the Maori in New Zealand, Fiji, Tribe in New Mexico, or Hawaiian land have help to bring life to real estate projects.

I developed restaurant menus, drinks, ideas, services, dinners on the beach that later would be featured in Italian Magazines for weddings. Not easy job to taste all the fresh margarita and receive yummy massage to be sure everything is perfect..

I Highly recommend that you experience this great hotel. I also worked on other hotels like La Zebra, just beautiful and other work in Tulum area. (Tulum is south of Cancun, Mexico)

One of many issues was that the hotel has a beautiful open lobby. Quite romantique but we could hear all the cars and motocycles outside and there is no privacy. So my advice was to create a massive door to block the street. Few months later the owner liked the idea and it was done. Quite an accomplishment. During these months of hard work, I was developing programs, a spa, all the drinks, creating VIP dinners on the beach with candles and perfect music. Concept for an outside bar, grill, fresh fish etc..
This place now has evolved to a beautiful magical boutique hotel.
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This house in Carmel was the old house of the CEO of Google, and my friend / client bought it and I did some design work inside. What I want to share here is that the architect built the house around old french doors from a chateau in France - that is an example of resonance. I also love the kitchen wall and all the stone work, which inspired me to do some renovation later on another project.
Lake Tahoe Sierra Star, 49 Millions property.
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Watch the Video. I work a winter on the largest estate in Lake Tahoe, The Sierra Star. A $49,000,000 estate.
I worked with a lot of Billionaire but this one was very Extravagant. great teaching of Active Resonance. The very wealthy owner ask the town to have a permit to have outside parking to put all his RV, car, trucks etc. The town refused it as he was on the most prestigious land on the lake. As he didn't take a no for an answer, he built an underground garage for a few million.
And build it and bought an aircraft carrier elevator…He builds a garage underground of 12000 SQ. He asks me if I wanted to do the murals...I refused his offer, I couldn't imagine doing murals inside a garage for a few months, even if my fine Art was over $200000…I learn so much to work with all these billionaires as money is not an issue but still see their will and create their dreams. I developed many new techniques from understanding their minds and song will.